Marchetti Brisbane CBD


Sfogliatella and a piccolo

Marchetti is a small Italian café and wine bar newly opened in the centre of Brisbane in Tattersall’s Arcade. It is a taste of Italy in the city. The high bar and café vibe took me back to the laneways of Rome in an instant.

We began our lunch with delicious antipasto and the little Louie devoured meatballs with sugo.

Italian espresso and sfogliatella, which blew my mind. Every breakfast in Italy consisted of a dark coffee and a rich pastry filled with chocolate. For the non sweet breakfast person like me it did take some getting used to, about one day and then I was hooked!

Sfogliatella are shell shaped pastries often filled with ricotta, almond paste and candied orange peel. The real rebels make it with a chocolate ricotta too I am told.

I can not wait to go back.


Tattersall’s Arcade 202 Edward St Brisbane, QLD, 4000 Australia  (07) 3003 1344

pic from Marchetti

pic from Marchetti


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