6 top travel tips my Facebook friends loved

Some quick tips from my recent long haul trip to Europe. Add them to your repertoire if you haven’t already.

View from the on-off bus

Up, Up and away!

Your carry-on kit contains the only belongings you will see for many hours if you’re travelling long haul so it is important to have everything you need.

I have labeled each person’s passport with their name on the front. This makes identifying your passport through customs super easy and much less fumbling.

If travelling with a child, pack a turkish towel too. They roll up and are compact. They will service everything from water slippages all over your seat or clean blanket or pillow.

Inside your carry-on kit, along with all the usual suspects, should be a leisure suit for each of the travellers to change into for the long haul flight, or a spare t-shirt if you are just flying short haul. Change out into your comfortable clothes after take off and back into your nice outfit before landing. This will ensure you are feeling the best you can as you walk off the plane in your new destination.

Arriving in Puglia after four flights and 37 hours!

Powering up

Along with your travel adapters, pack a power board. Camera, phone, iPad, PC. Take the biggest capacity you can fit and one with built in USB slots is even better. Plan on hiring a car? Pack a car charger too.


Zip lock bags in various sizes can contain anything from child accidents through to snacks and even money if you are travelling through countries with a few different currencies.

Pack business cards

You will undoubtably meet people along the way and these will come in very handy. The other hot tip for business cards is to slip one into the hotel room card reader to activate air-conditioning and power. This will keep the room cool while you are out and a light on as you return a little tipsy and ensure you don’t trip over your suitcase.

Pop a business card into the power slot at the hotel (not a medicare card as pictured) to keep your room cool while you’re out.

Get app savvy.

Tripit is fantastic. This app automagically transforms your emails into a master itinerary for every trip so all your plans are in one place. This itinerary can be accessed anywhere, anytime and even if you don’t have internet access.

The wheels on the bus.

No matter how long you have in a city, track down the on -off (or red bus) and jump on board. You will have one to two hours sitting down, listening to the history of the city and view most of the top tourist spots. With only 20 hours in Rome recently we saw the whole city. A lovely walk, a couple of beautiful meals, a twilight bus tour and a good night’s sleep before boarding the flight home. 

Do you have any super extra travel tips?

4 thoughts on “6 top travel tips my Facebook friends loved

  1. My top tip is to start taking photos BEFORE you go!

    Use your phone to take pictures of all of your itineraries, tickets, passports, purse contents (taking out all unecessary cards) and what you pack in your check-in luggage.

    For electronics like smart phones, screen shot the serial numbers etc.

    Email/Evernote/Dropbox the pics and if something gets lost or stolen, it’s helpful for insurance claims.


    • Great tip.
      I use the tripit app and I have photos and serial numbers of all my things saved in another app for insurance. Also label all your items. It is simple, but I have had a phone call to tell me I left my iPad somewhere!

      Both of the apps mentioned have online log ins too incase my phone / iPad goes missing. Tripit is amazing.


      • I’m glad I’m not the only OCD/organised person with those things in an insurance app 😉 Tripit is awesome. If you are go the the US, definitely worth the upgrade to Pro. You find about cancellations before the airport tells you and it helps you navigate the confusing fare refunds process. I made back the price of the Pro cost on my first flight!


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